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Fine Arts Scholarship Application

This application is for those looking to enroll at USF in the coming year (i.e. high school seniors and transfer students) who would like audition for a fine arts scholarship(s). Scholarship Auditions are held from September 1-March 1. Scholarship Applications are due two weeks prior to requested audition date.

If you are a high school sophomore or junior, you do not need to audition until your senior year. Until then, you can simply tell us about yourself by filling out our Fine Arts Questionnaire.

At USF you do not have to be a music or theatre major or minor to be considered for a performance scholarship. You do have to be an art major or minor to be considered for an art scholarship. The information you provide below will be delivered to the faculty members in your interest areas and our admissions office.

If you have any trouble with this form, please email your information to

Personal Information

Your Phone Number
Parent Phone Number
Your Email Address
Parent Email Address

Instrumental Music

Are you interested in instrumental music?

What instrument will you be auditioning with?
How many years of experience do you have?
What type of experience do you have? Do you play other instruments?

Vocal Music

Are you interested in vocal music?

How many years of experience do you have?
What types of experience do you have?


Are you interested in theatre?

Please list the title of the show(s) you have participated in and your role or responsibility (i.e. character name or stage manager, run crew, light operator, etc.)

Role / Responsibility

What other performance training and experience have you had (i.e. dance, theatre workshops, theatre classes, etc.)?

Identify training and years of study.


Are you interested in art?

Great! Art portfolios must be submitted on or before February 1st to

You MUST be an Art major or minor to be considered for an Art Scholarship.
Check out our "Art Portfolio FAQs" for more information on creating your art portfolio!


All Scholarship Auditions must be held by March 1.

Would you like to attend an admissions event on this day?